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Real Estate at Candlewood Lake

With over 1,500 acres of property in the Candlewood Lake community, buyers are afforded the opportunity to choose from a variety of lots. These lots include:

  • Lakefront
  • 1st Tier (lake view)
  • 2nd Tier (off-shore)

Within these three categories, there is a selection of heavily or lightly wooded lots or lots with no trees at all.

There are purchase options to build in residential house areas or in mobile home residential areas. Lots are also available in the RV Park for seasonal living/camping. Although lots are selling quickly, there are still some premier lots and groupings available. We offer several options for those interested in purchasing land at Candlewood Lake.

For Sale by Realtors & Homeowners

The Home Owners Association offers potential residents the opportunity to view lots that are available for purchase.

Give us a call at (419) 947-1138  and we’d be happy to show you what it’s like to experience the closest thing in Ohio to living in a private State Park!

Real Estate Ads may be purchased by a realtor with listings in Candlewood Lake or by an individual homeowner who is a member of the Candlewood Lake Association and is selling their home or lot.

Ads will run on a monthly basis and cost $50.00 per month or $500.00 for 12 months.

Your ad may include the following information:

  • Company Logo (if applicable)
  • Name of Agent or Home Owner
  • Contact Information
    • Email address
    • Phone Number
  • Short description of the listing
  • 120 characters maximum, including punctuation and spaces
    • Link to a website

To initiate an Ad, please email cwlchronicle@gmail.com.

An Ad Template and payment received by the 20th of a month would begin running on the first business day of the following month or on the first month requested in the template submitted by the advertiser. The Ad will appear for the number of months corresponding to the request and to the payment made.