Candlewood Lake
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Main Lodge
Main Lodge view from the lake

Candlewood Lake has two lodges.

The Main Lodge is a two-story 7,000 square foot facility located on the waterfront. Each floor opens onto wrap-around decks offering breathtaking views of the lake in all seasons. The Lodge is centrally located adjacent to the main swimming pool and tennis courts. A temporary use boat dock is conveniently located below the lodge. Each floor contains a large stone fireplace with comfortable seating and an informal library is maintained by lake residents.

The RV lodge, conveniently located in the RV Park, is 2,975 square feet under roof. It houses a pool table and a ping pong table. If desired, a wall of doors slide aside to create an outdoor pavilion-type atmosphere.

Both lodges are ideal settings for events such as:

  • Weddings,
  • Children's parties
  • Adult parties
  • Dinners
  • Family reunions
  • Club Get-togethers
  • Community meetings and gatherings
  • And much more

Inside Main Lodge
Inside the main lodge
Inside Main Lodge
Inside the main lodge