Candlewood Lake
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The Candlewood Lake Association is the second largest community located within Morrow County, Ohio.  It is managed by an elected Board of Trustees and Bylaws.

Candlewood Lake’s Trustees are elected from within the Association membership by the membership.  The Board governs the community, setting priorities, adopting annual and long range plans and setting an annual budget as well as enacting rules, regulations and bylaws.  It meets the fourth Monday of every month at the Main Lodge and meetings are open to all property owners.

The Board and Home Owner’s Association (HOA) are supported by a full-time staff that includes a general manager, administrative, maintenance and security staff.

The Board of Directors has delegated various facets of running the community to several standing and ad hoc committees which are generally comprised of trustees and members of the Association. 

Standing Committees

The work of the Standing Committees is to review, research and recommend changes in policy to the Board of Trustees.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for establishing the agendas for regular or special Trustee meetings, implementing policies and resolutions passed by the Trustees, serves as a Personnel Committee and resolves disputes regarding implementation of Board policy and procedures.  It deals with other items as required.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for overseeing the financial, insurance and audit aspects of the Association. This includes monitoring budget preparation, all accounting procedures, recommending outside auditors and regular reporting to the Trustees and membership.

Long Range Planning Committee

The committee's responsibility is to assess and evaluate the long range vision of Candlewood Lake Association as derived from its Membership and make recommendations over time to meet the vision of Candlewood Lake Association.  

Bylaws/Legal Committee

The Bylaws Committee monitors the Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation and Deed Restrictions and recommends changes when and where necessary.

Environmental Control Committee

The ECC committee ensures the preservation of the original recreational and residential theme of the community and its environmental integrity in areas such as: the construction, placement on lots, occupancy and maintenance of conventionally or custom built houses, mobile homes, recreational vehicles and other accessory structures.

Lake and Siltation Committee

The committee works to insure the lake shore line is protected from erosion and suggests policies as necessary to the Board of Trustees relating to lake quality and maintenance.

Security/Compliance Committee

The committee deals with issues involving security for the community as well as compliance with regulatory directives regarding safety and health.

Utility Committee

The Utility Committee makes recommendations to the Board on issues relative to all utility aspects of the operation of Candlewood Lake.


The President names as many ad hoc committees as necessary to carry out the activities of the administration.